Restorative Circle Mediators- just in time for 2020

Christmas Blessings to you, and congratulations to the 24 participants in Family Innocence ‘s 6 day, 40 hour Restorative Circle Mediation Training for Family,  developed by its founder, Michelle MacDonald,  who aspires to eliminate court for families altogether.  This epic faith- based course , which implements  a peace- making dialogue,  Restorative Justice Circles and a talking piece,  isn’t just for divorcing couples: the course is designed to restore relationships through  ” be still” moments,  listening exercises,  and peacemaking dialogue  facilitated by a co- facilitator and advocate team, with agreed actions at the close of each session.

The best news is that the Supreme Court’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Judicial Branch  just certified the course for 46 credits for “Family Law Facilitative and Domestic Abuse Issues” training . That means graduates are qualified mediators in dispute resolution.  Even better, the entire 6 days was filmed by Sonrise Ministry,  so it can be duplicated on – line .

At an  event on New year’s Day,  2020, Family Innocence will hold a graduation ceremony for this new breed of Family Restorative Circle Mediators,  ages 24 to 67.

Special thanks to faculty attorney Michelle MacDonald; mediator Louisa Hext; psychologists Brian Nelson and Shannon Goeke- Watson; teacher Dawn Nelson; Judge Allen Oleisky; financial advisor Dale Tondryk; educational film- maker Rich Marek, ( and assistant Coral Marek); pastor, lawyer and mediator Bob Roby; pastor and native American Jason Houle; businesswoman Lori Vosejpka and mediator and businessman,  Tom Shimota.  Also thanks to LaMont Fondern and Leonard Flippen for their invaluable support from California.



About Family Innocence

Family Innocence is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit, dedicated to keeping families out of court, resolving conflicts and injustices peacefully.