What is the Family Innocence Process ?

Family InnocenceIt took attorney Michelle MacDonald 25 years to recognize that the way attorneys and courts break up families is beyond-a-reasonable-doubt objectionable. Alongside her clients, other attorneys, mediators and professionals, Michelle founded FAMILY INNOCENCE, a nonprofit dedicated to keeping families out of the adversarial court process. Within a year of her calling to eliminate court for families, the Family Innocence Process was created, a unique model where separating or separated family members choose to participate at any time by pledging not to sue each other in court (or to suspend an existing lawsuit), inviting court jurisdiction only when absolutely necessary (ie. to terminate a marriage relationship, enforce agreements, etc.

Family Innocence advocates, restorative circle facilitators, and mediators educate you through a non-adversarial process of inquiry, help you collect data, for personalized sessions with your restorative circle facilitator or mediator, who helps you decide your own case. A friendly decision-maker, learned in family law, can provide a binding decision upon impasse. Participation is affordable for everyone due to set fees, discount hourly rates, and a modest means program made possible by the professionals, mediators, and attorneys on the roster, leaving greater resources for your family.

With your support, a divorce or paternity decree is a vital statistic, and the Family Court will be limited to protection orders, child protection, and enforcement of agreements.

About Family Innocence

Family Innocence is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit, dedicated to keeping families out of court, resolving conflicts and injustices peacefully.